We are a psychotherapy practice located in downtown Madison Wisconsin.  We are dedicated to providing quality counseling services for individuals and families of all ages and lifestyles.  We are committed to collaborating with other healthcare treatment providers who are involved in the lives of the clients we serve.

At Therapy Space we offer a professional and creative environment that inspires you to openly explore issues or challenges, and to genuinely feel connected in a way that creates emotional well-being and growth.  Our licensed psychotherapists are also trained in creative arts therapy, play therapy, yoga/movement, and mindfulness techniques to support your mind body connection.

We believe in increased access to your mental health care providers, please contact our psychotherapists directly for information about their practices, insurance and payments, and scheduling appointments.

Our office is within walking distance of University of Wisconsin Madison and downtown Capital Square.  Welcome.

Therapy Space, LLC
740 Regent Street, Suite 202
Madison, WI 53715
(888) 528-8552 fax

In addition to psychotherapy services, Therapy Space clinicians provide clinical supervision, consultations, and trainings upon request.