Dana Basch, PCTL


IMG_3267Dana Basch, PCTL

I believe therapy is a great place to start when you’re feeling stuck and/or wanting to make a change in your life. Therapy is a great way to help you identify the obstacles in your life and give you the courage to meet those obstacles head-on in a safe and supportive environment. The space provided in therapy can also help break out of your old and unproductive ways of coping – this can lead to new and exciting ways to living your life. Your therapy can be brief or long-term, depending on your needs. So, let me help you get unstuck, find your passion, and enjoy your life to its fullest.

I work with a variety of adult clients and I enjoy working with individuals and couples. I provide an open and non-judgmental environment for helping you let life unfold in a way that works best for you.