Brenda Heideman, LCSW

Brenda Heideman, MSW, LCSW, RYT 200

I am a co-creator of Therapy Space LLC and adjunct faculty at UW Madison School of Social Work. I have practiced as a psychotherapist for almost 20 years. I am also a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher with a longtime yoga practice. I received my training at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore and at the University of Maryland. I was in private practice in Jacksonville, Florida, for a number of years before relocating to Madison. It is an honor and a privilege to do this work. In my experience, people are able to improve their mental health and well-being substantially when they are provided a safe and collaborative space to talk through their concerns and reconnect with their inner resources. My work is informed by research, practice, and life experience. Feel free to contact me by phone or email if you would like to talk further. Some areas of special interest include:

Stress Disorders/Anxiety: I can’t catch my breath. I think I’m having panic attacks. I’m a perfectionist. I’m nervous and exhausted all the time.

Midlife Crisis/Development: I’ve accomplished everything; now what? I’m successful on the outside, but on the inside, I feel bad. I need to make some changes in my life, but I don’t know how to start.

Helping/Healing professionals: How do I keep my tank full so I can do the work I find so meaningful? Am I burned out? How can I have a better work/life balance?

Mindful Dating: How can I connect with people I like? What do I want to get from dating? Why is this so scary?

Divorce: Do I need to get a divorce? How do I end this relationship honorably? How do I survive my divorce?

College Transitions: College is not what I thought it would be! I feel like a loser. I hate my body. I’m drinking too much. I can’t get my work done.

Depression/ Mood Disorders: Things are horrible, and they always will be. I’m never good enough. I’m too sensitive for this world. I feel cranky all the time.

LGBTQ issues: How do I connect with others who are like me? How do I protect myself? How do I talk to my family? How do I live with authenticity?

Insurances Accepted:

The Alliance ( UW SHIP)
WEA Trust

**Most PPO plans have out of network benefits which will also cover some of the costs
**Health Savings Accounts may also be used as psychotherapy is technically a medical service
**My billing staff can look into your specific insurance benefits

Brenda Heideman, MSW, LCSW, RYT 200